After a year in the thinking and the making, the refillable bottle of Sillages Paris is now available. With this new step toward sustainability, the French brand can now offer products that are both refillable and easier to recycle, thus reducing its overall environmental impact.

At Sillages Paris we handcraft in Paris perfumes of excellence, personalised, and formulated with the finest ingredients, ultra-creative and accessible to all. From now on, all our perfumes are also sustainable and refillable," said Maxime Garcia-Janin, the brand’s founder.

A sustainable and infinitely refillable bottle

For this project, Sillages Paris was supported by Stoelzle Manières Parfumerie, the glassmaker that has been supplying the brand since their beginning. Sillage has opted for a new cubic refillable bottle, made with 45.6% recycled PCR (Post-Consumer Recycled) and PIR (Post Industrial Recycled) glass. For even more sustainability, there is no metallization or laser etching, just an engraved signature on the bottom, a UV lacquering and a label.

For an easy refill of the bottle, the neck is fitted with a screw ring allowing the pump to be removed and reassembled when desired. To fit with the new refillable range, Sillages Paris is launching a 100 ml refill, entirely made with recyclable aluminium. The juice is transferred from one bottle to the other using a funnel supplied with the refills.

Launched barely five years ago, from a collaboration with five talented perfumers (Amélie Jacquin, Mylène Alran, Alex Lee, Nisrine Grillie and Sébastien Plan), Sillages Paris has set itself the mission of transforming the perfumery business, thanks to an online service that creates customised fragrances using artificial intelligence and machine learning. In 2018, the French start-up received the first investment from BOLD, L’Oréal’s corporate venture capital fund.