The global provider of pumps and sprayers in the beauty, fragrance, personal care, home, and healthcare markets has introduced a new generation airless system called Pearl 2. According to Silgan the new packaging has been designed to deliver all the benefits of standard airless systems, such as formula protection from oxidation, 360-degree dispensing, and a high-evacuation rate to help consumers get out the last drop. In addition, Pearl 2 also offers “materials designed for recyclability, a robust e-commerce design, and broader technical capabilities.

Pearl 2 was designed with our customers’ needs in mind. Our focus in developing the product was on three key areas: sustainability, e-commerce, and improved performance,” said Guillaume de Demandolx, Vice President, Fragrance and Beauty for Silgan Dispensing.

New spring technology

To provide a higher level of sustainability to the new airless system, Silgan Dispensing patented a new plastic spring technology that enables the removal of non-recyclable materials and metal, which led to the dispenser being made almost entirely of a single polyolefin.

As a result, Pearl 2 has been certified by RecyClass to not have a negative impact on current European-colored containers recycling based on third-party laboratory testing using the Recyclability Evaluation Protocol for HDPE containers [1].

Sustainability continues to be a top expectation when it comes to packaging and was our first priority. Finding solutions that do not disrupt today’s recycling streams without sacrificing quality and performance is often elusive,” continued de Demandolx. “Today’s recycling infrastructure has challenges in sorting the small round packages typical in beauty products, so we focused on designing Pearl 2 with the right mix of materials compatible with the recycling stream.

Suitable for e-commerce

According to Silgan, Pearl 2’s robust design and overcap also allowed it to pass third-party e-commerce testing protocols. The pump can withstand changes in air pressure, which means that it won’t leak during transport or air travel.

E-commerce has become an important channel for brands to reach and target consumers, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic. If a product breaks or leaks during transport, consumers can develop a negative perception of the brand. Packaging that protects throughout online shipment is critical for a positive brand experience and growth within this fast-growing channel,” said John Ferro, Vice President of Marketing and Innovation at Silgan Dispensing.

Improved performance

In addition, Silgan Dispensing also improved Pearl 2’s performance. According to the company, the airless system offers a high compatibility and consistency of performance across a variety of different formulas and viscosity levels. It also offers a longer stroke length to provide maximum dosing control in an ergonomic, one-handed dispenser.