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Silab unveils new findings on hair regrowth

Evidencing the key role of exosomes, powerful vectors of intercellular communication, in hair growth, has enabled Silab to develop a natural active ingredient capable of using this channel to stimulate hair growth.

For the first time, Silab and the team of Prof. Aberdam have shown that exosomal communication between the dermis and the hair follicle was an interesting biological pathway for the growth of hair. This work has just been published in the highly-respected journal Stem Cells [1], following a peer-review process by experts in the field.

“Schematic illustration of the activation of hair growth via exosomes...

“Schematic illustration of the activation of hair growth via exosomes secreted by dermal fibroblasts”. (Figure taken from the publication).

As powerful vectors of intercellular communication with a direct impact on the metabolism and behaviour of target cells. Exosomes extracellular vesicles are at the heart of major biological processes and are of great interest in the areas of basic biology, health and therapeutic technologies, in particular regenerative medicine. In spite of this, there has been relatively little work on the role of exosomes on hair growth.

However, the original results obtained in joint work with the team of Prof. Aberdam has demonstrated intercellular communication between dermal fibroblasts and the dermal papilla, the “nerve center” of the hair follicle. “Indeed, exosomes from fibroblasts stimulate the secretion of Norrin, a ligand that activates the ß-catenin pathway that is involved in hair growth,” said the company in a statement.

Using biological models in vitro and ex vivo mimicking androgenetic alopecia, Silab has developed Hairgenyl, a natural active ingredient on the market capable of acting on this newly discovered exosomal communication system between the dermis and the hair follicle to stimulate the regrowth of hair. Hairgenyl was widely rewarded during its presentation in 2017 at the Latin America in-cosmetics show winning two innovation awards.

Tested on volunteers, Hairgenyl boosts hair regrowth: the hair is thicker,...

Tested on volunteers, Hairgenyl boosts hair regrowth: the hair is thicker, more resistant and the scalp is more densely covered.

These new data on the mechanism of action extend the findings from numerous tests already conducted on this natural ingredient.



[1Le Riche A et al., Extracellular Vesicles from Activated Dermal Fibroblasts Stimulate Hair Follicle Growth Through Dermal Papilla-Secreted Norrin. Stem Cells. 2019; 37(9): 1166-1175.

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