Shannaz Schopfer has been named the founding General Manager of Cosmetica Innovations USA, the company’s first location outside their Toronto headquarters. The Hub will open in April 2019. Cosmetica develops and manufactures custom cosmetic products for globally renowned beauty brands, as well as disrupters and indies.

Shannaz Schopfer has been named General Manager of Cosmetica Innovations...

Shannaz Schopfer has been named General Manager of Cosmetica Innovations USA

The LA Hub will be more than a traditional sales and color-matching office,” explains Shannaz Schopfer. “By establishing the LA Innovation Hub, both legacy and new clients will be privy to Cosmetica’s manufacturing expertise, as well as collaborating on new ideas developed on site.

Schopfer’s team will conceptualize exclusive products which will then be prototyped and tested in the LA Hub.We will have onsite PD and chemists working with clients on developing new concepts in cosmetics and skin care,” says Schopfer, who previously served as Sr. VP of Strategic Business Development at Anisa International. “The West Coast hub brings Cosmetica services closer to clients. We are a concierge service. We offer bespoke resources to each of our partners,” she adds.

Schopfer’s career in the international beauty industry has spanned more than twenty years. She knows from experience that brands are successful because they recognize trends quickly. However, just as important is getting an innovation from brainstorm to the beauty counter. The LA Hub will help streamline the process. “I’m an entrepreneur at heart,” says Schopfer, who established Intercos America’s West Coast Office in 2015: “I’ve advised VC firms on beauty investments as well as led teams who both expanded and reformatted the lines of global beauty and skin care companies. We intend to combine the art and business of beauty in the LA Hub,” concludes the Swiss native.