SGD Pharma - a leader in pharmaceutical-grade molded glass vials - intends to expand in the cosmetics and beauty segment globally. The company’s Beauty and Care division is already the APAC market leader in this segment, supplying both global and local beauty brands through their Zhanjiang, China-based factory. SGD Pharma intends to build on this experience to address the needs of luxury beauty brands globally, in particular as the “glassification” trend continues to grow significantly. “More brands are switching from plastic to glass packaging primarily due to the sustainability benefits of being able to reuse and recycle, as well as the superior compatibility with various formulations. Glass also offers the benefit of being a customizable and high-end packaging solution for the beauty industry,” said the company in a statement.

For instance, SGD Pharma is now offering its Constellations stock range of glass cosmetics packaging to customers globally, which includes solutions of different sizes for a variety of beauty products, including skincare, nutraceuticals and beauty creams, as well as custom designs and shapes to brands, making their products instantly recognizable.

To support the global beauty market, SGD Pharma has re-appointed Sheherazade Chamlou as Vice President of Sales Beauty Americas, located in New York.

Mrs Chamlou started her career with SGD Pharma in Paris, as part of the perfumery division at Saint-Gobain Desjonquères and has since held roles leading sales teams at Verescence, and most recently at Aptar as Vice President of Beauty Sales, North America. She will be leveraging SGD Pharma’s presence in the US, Europe and Asia to grow the global beauty division, and developing global propositions for leading luxury cosmetics and beauty brands, who can take advantage of SGD Pharma’s design capabilities, its French know-how, and its international footprint.

The key trend in the beauty packaging industry right now is sustainability - brands and consumers want their luxe products to be recyclable, reusable and refillable, while not missing out on quality. SGD Pharma can offer brands the ability to stay on trend, while also feeling confident that their packaging is of the highest quality to match their product specifications,” commented Sheherazade Chamlou on the new strategic direction of the SGD Pharma beauty division. “It’s great to be back at the company where it all started for me and I’m excited to grow the beauty offering at SGD Pharma across America and Europe, as well as Asia, to provide brands with the European quality and heritage that we pride ourselves on. Innovation is key for us, and we will continue to support customers with new cosmetics packaging solutions that suit their needs and to stay ahead of global trends. We have access to a wide range of glass molds developed over 20 years and can also custom-design bespoke packaging for brands to suit their go-to-market needs,” she added.