Premium Beauty News - Decoration seems an increasingly strategic element in luxury glass-making.

Gaëlle Verjus - Of course, decoration is a key differentiating element for all brands. It contributes to creating original sensorial emotions, and it is essential to generate desire. SGD aims at meeting these customer expectations by pushing decoration limits further and further: that’s why we have been working on developing new technologies, and on constantly adapting our industrial tool. This is a field in which we have been investing and will continue to, because there is a high demand from customers.

Premium Beauty News - You presented four of these technologies at the last PCD trade show in Paris: “Colored Emotion”, an inside colour coating technology, “Radiant Emotion”, an interior mirror treatment, “360° Emotion”, an off-limit pad printing technique, and “Printed Emotion”, a hot-transfer technique. Can you tell us a bit more?

Gaëlle Verjus - “Colored Emotion” is a patented inside colour coating technology that SGD has developed and mastered for three years in a dedicated workshop. It enables to colour the interior of a bottle with multiple tints, from crystal to opaque, or from pastels to darker shades. A great number of colours and aspects (pearl, metal, mat, gloss) are available. This technique does not require any inner layer, but it does need tests of compatibility with the liquid that will fill the bottle.

Premium Beauty News - “Radiant Emotion” also enables to decorate the interior of the bottle.

Gaëlle Verjus - Absolutely. This interior mirror treatment was conceived, industrialized and patented by SGD, and it is now well-established, since it has been used since 2008. Thanks to it we can now create a mirror effect to highlight the noble character of glass. It can be combined with any other perfecting technique. If it is refined with lacquering, a bottle can be transformed into a precious object: for example yellow lacquering provides the illusion of a bottle filled with molten gold. Simple screen printing is magnified by the mirror effect, continuing as far as the eye can focus. Again, this technique requires tests of compatibility with the liquid filling the bottle.

Premium Beauty News - Then the other two techniques are more standard.

Gaëlle Verjus - Yes and no. We have actually pushed the limits of well-tried techniques. “360° Emotion” is a pad printing technique which allows decoration in areas on which screen printing cannot be done: it is now possible to reach areas that had never been printed upon before. The bevelling is now dressed with colour, arabesque styling adorns the bottle’s neck, and curves can now display designs and logos.

Lastly, with “Printed Emotion”, we can carry out the automated hot transfer of printed designs on the surfaces to be decorated. Thanks to this technique, the industries of perfume and fashion have never been closer. There is no limit, whether in the delicacy of lines or in the number of colours available. And bottles can be adorned with print in a single pass. Any textile pattern or picture can be accurately reproduced. And this was made possible thanks to a partnership with our film supplier.