SGD’s ambition was isto meet the increasing demand for “green” products and to address its own environmental concerns by gearing its R&D department towards sustainable development.

SGD was aiming to offer a new type of glass whose environmental impact is as low as possible. The result? The French glassmaker is launching a glass which is derived 100% from the recycling of household glass: the Infinite Glass, 100% recycled, 100% recyclable. A revolution in the perfumery industry, where glass is generally composed of 30% of in-house cullet (recycling of the production loss) and 70% of raw materials (sand, sodium, fining agents).

By using a higher level of cullet, 100% of recycled household wastes, SGD can avoid raw materials extractions, can drastically lower carbon dioxide rejections as well as energy consumption.

In order to be achieved, the project also needed to consider carefully the design features of the concept and the material means of translating the innovation into reality. Indeed, to appeal to consumers, it was necessary to take into account the rules of the perfume and cosmetics industries when mixing beauty products and the environment: the product needed to be environmentally friendly to seduce the head, and beautiful to seduce the heart,” the company commented,

Gaia, first line of 100% recycled glass by SGD

Gaia, first line of 100% recycled glass by SGD

SGD therefore entered into a partnership with a company that shares the same convictions: Extrême Paris, a design agency specialised in luxury and beauty products.

The designers at Extrême Paris have managed to convey the values of the project through creating a highly distinctive form. The first curves of an eco-designed receptacle were born and with them, Gaïa: the first 100% environmentally friendly range of bottles and jars for the world of perfumes and cosmetics.

Almost 18 months of research and development went into creating the Infinite Glassand its first incarnation, Gaïa.It constitutes a genuine call to beauty specialists to promote environmental responsibility,” the company concludes.