The development of travels, whether for leisure or business, means that travel retail is now an indispensable distribution network that offers strong growth and profitability. “In the next year, the number of airline passengers will exceed 3 billion; for international and local brands, this translates into an equal number of potential buyers to conquer on the ground and in the air,” says SGD.

To illustrate the potentialities of glass in the market, the "First Class Beauty Set" developed by SGD and its partners features premium products whose formulas and glass packaging were designed for travelling. “Small, convenient formats contain radiance and moisturization boosters that will travel with no restrictions.

The set, which was showcased at the latest edition of Luxe Pack Monaco, comprises three products:

 “Ready to Take Off”, a micellar water cleanser held in a protective, travel-proof, plastic-coated bottle, designed to be resistant to shock. In that case, the plastic coating developed with the expertise of SGD Pharmacy, is both a decorative technique and a way to protect the glass. “Every kind of finish is possible: transparent, opaque, shiny, matte, sparkly, pearlescent or frosted. Screen printing can provide a finishing touch to the design,” adds SGD.

 “Soft Landing”, a moisturising elixir serum designed for the rescue of tired skin after a long travel. The formula is packed in a travel-friendly roll-on decorated with a faded spraying that always allows seeing how much product is left. “The 7 ml mini version of this moulded glass bottle lends itself to many applications for skincare, fragrance and make-up products. Paired with a roll-on ball or spray pump, it is perfect for trial kits and travel kits.

 “Brilliance to Declare”, a creamy pearly eye shadow bursting with shimmering particles The pad printing on the base of the glass jar reveals the exact shade of the formula. “SGD now offers metallic pad printing, so the colour of the make-up product perfectly matches the colour of the decoration,” concludes the French glassmaker.

"The project was made entirely from standard containers. The aim was to highlight the benefit of small glass formats to achieve a more qualitative aspect to products developed for travel. More generally, small glass containers may be of interest to all high-end take away formats or products for beauty boxes," said Gaëlle Verjus, Marketing Manager at SGD.

A development that could permanently reconcile travel, luxury and glass.