TheAlbéa group and French cosmetics brand SeventyOne PerCent (referring to the 70% of water on the earth and in the human body) are writing a beautiful story with an eco-responsible partnership. For its organic sun care products targeting surf and sea lovers, the brand has selected post-consumer recycled tubes made of 50% recycled plastic material and 50% of virgin PE.

For their made-in-France products that take care of both the skin and the ocean, SeventyOne PerCent wanted a consistent solution: a packaging manufactured in France, in this case at the Albéa Argonne industrial site, with and eco-friendly design and able “to maximise the reduction of [their] environmental impact."

Proud of their small defects

SeventyOne PerCent has selected Albéa’s patented PCR tube material for no less than 6 references. These sustainable sun care tubes are manufactured in Albéa Argonne (France) while the pump for the Dry Sun Oil and Eco Sun Spray is Made in Albéa Lodz (Poland).

The choice of a PCR tube material was an obvious choice for the brand, even if this r-PE can present slight defects when injected. The brand chose to transform these shortcomings into an asset. Indeed, the tube’s microscopic white dots are hidden into the impression.