Stéphanie Chalard, Beauty Success's Group Operations Director

Stéphanie Chalard, Beauty Success’s Group Operations Director

Premium Beauty News - What is the situation like for the Beauty Success network of perfumeries-institutes within the Group?

Stéphanie Chalard - Perfume sales are on a par with the market trend, which is down, compensated on the one hand, partially by end-of-year sales and mostly by service activities, which are continuing to do well. Our website was also very successful. About ten branches were opened in France; the network today consists of 310 POS.

Premium Beauty News - And outside France?

Stéphanie Chalard - The export momentum is continuing; it stands as a growth axis. In 2018, we opened new outlets in Djibouti, Morocco, Reunion and Abidjan, which means today we have 23 outlets in the overseas departments and territories, Morocco and West Africa.

Premium Beauty News - Services are becoming an important sales driver. What actions did you undertake in this area?

Stéphanie Chalard - There is an institute in almost every Beauty Success perfumeries, this is our model. We have worked a lot on the profitability side. The card is made up of our own protocols with our own retail brand, which enables us to offer a very good price/quality ratio. The program "Pretty, from mother to daughter" has also encouraged daughters to visit our outlets, for a first skincare treatment or make-up application.

Concerning the design of outlets, eight of them are now equipped with two entries: one for the perfumery and another one the beauty institute, to facilitate the access to the institute without having to walk through the perfume store. We are studying the possibility of extending this solution to all other existing outlets.

In 2019, we will test a new store model with quicker service areas.

Premium Beauty News - What are the major projects underway?

Stéphanie Chalard - On the one hand, digital, with a completely redesigned website for September, with a stronger focus on our outlets, and a redesigned platform for making appointments in institutes. In addition, our media budget previously dedicated to TV, will be switched, to digital, with actions starting in May.

The other important news is the Beauty Full Days retail brand, consisting of 15 institutes, that we are going to integrate in the "Beauty Success L’institut de beauté" retail brand as of June. We clearly wish to fully capitalize on the reputation of Beauty Success. This will allow us to broaden implantation opportunities on the territory and therefore reinforce our network and presence under the same name.

This is an important change for the Group which will now consist of three main pillars: Beauty Success, Esthetic Center and Parapharmacies Tanguy, while keeping our two incubating nuggets: Beauty Sisters (for millennials), and Nicole (for the upper middle-class customer base).

Premium Beauty News - Precisely tell us more about these nuggets?

Stéphanie Chalard - We are going to open a new Beauty Sisters boutique in downtown Périgueux and a second Nicole boutique at the end of the year. These two young retail brands are just as important to us as the others, but they must first be tested in a branch format to validate the business model before launching it as a franchise.

Premium Beauty News - And what is your assessment of the Nicole "neo perfumery" concept launched a year ago in Périgueux?

Stéphanie Chalard - Results are very good with 30% increase in value compared to the perfume store that previously existed. It is a perfumery with a developed service that attracts new customers without competing with our Beauty Success perfumeries, despite some common brands. New highly demanded exclusive brands have joined us.

Another finding, the institute we opened with Cinq Mondes and Pure Alttitude is very popular, and we are considering opening a second cabin in 2019. We also propose brands specialized in accessories, scarves, leather goods, jewelry, at different price levels, which are also very popular.

Premium Beauty News - What would be your overall conclusion concerning the Group?

Stéphanie Chalard - In parallel to the ongoing momentum of the Beauty Success Group, our goal is to win over new customers by working on our offer and communication, and always stay attractive to our current customers.