According to Boots, when women reach their fifties the anti-wrinkle problematic gradually turns into a global need to express their vitality. After Serum 7, designed for the first signs of ageing, and Serum 7 Lift for 40-year-old women, the four references in the new Renew range - serum, day cream, night cream and eye contour cream - are intended to reset youth genes with a more thorough action.

A daring menopause

The term is still pretty taboo in cosmetics; however menopause is perfectly well accepted in this campaign. Indeed when presenting the Serum 7 Renew range, Boots explains it targets post-menopausal women and the specific disruption on their skin caused by hormonal change. The decline in the level of oestrogens that follows slows down cell renewal, which increases skin dryness, brown spots and skin slackening. The protective anti-ageing complex of vitamins A and C, blackberry, ginseng, white lupin and lipopeptides is enriched with a restoring complex of brightening actives, amino-acids, hyaluronic acid and ceramides.

The Boots Serum 7 Renew range has been tested on 1,000 women, and thus promises a “real revolution for post-menopausal women”.

The new product was launched at the same time everywhere in Europe, including 3,000 pharmacies in France, and the brand appears as a pioneer by targeting a category of women that have been awaiting adapted solutions. Let’s not forget that there will be 1.3 billion people over 65 in the world by 2040.