Acting as role models, these celebrities inspire women to accept the passing of time and to celebrate their real age. Nowadays, more and more women in their 40s and 50s feel it is possible to remain beautiful at any age. They live through these ages differently than before, embracing the fact that they are not just getting older, but more experienced. The wisdom they have gained through their lifetime makes them look radiant, reflecting the confidence they feel about themselves.

True to its premise of providing innovative ideas as a source of inspiration for its customers, Lubrizol Skin Care created a selection of formulations based on this new perception of beauty. Presented under a concept of Serene Beauty and understood as an approach to beauty where individuals are encouraged to feel good about themselves, these formulated solutions help to beautify the skin at the different stages of life, to keep it looking at its best for a long time.

SERENE BEAUTY: Reflecting Expertise

We are living in the age of Serene Beauty. The person we project is who we really are without masks or shields. Every day and every experience of our life are depicted on our skin and all those stories that are about to become ours will be reflected on it as well. SERENE BEAUTY means to reflect your expertise, to show how the passage of time makes you look exactly who you are.

These new formulations are presented under the following three conceptual approaches to Serene Beauty.

TIME, APPRECIATED: Reconciled with time

Time is no longer the enemy, it becomes an asset. As time passes, women gain experience and confidence, they feel stronger and more serene about themselves. It is also about staying true to oneself for as long as possible. Women live longer, work longer and have babies later in life. They can now look to maintain their femininity and everything that comes with it through every phase of their lives.

Young women no longer ned to worry about getting older – they have inspiring mature role models to look up to.

THE REAL ME: Reconciled with myself

More and more celebrities expose their real image through “wake-up” and “no-make up” selfies published on social media, and advertising campaigns feature “not so perfect” models that are closer to a normal person. This new tendency is spreading very quickly and influencing the rest of the society. It is the real beauty that counts and is expressed.

In response to this trend, we see an increasing use of hybrid products that are multifunctional to not only act on hydration or ageing, but also to enable individuals to accept the image they offer (i.e., even tone, pore minimizing, matte finish, etc.). Latest developments in active ingredients and pigments allow for blurring effects and improving instant perception of skin beauty.

ESSENTIAL WISDOM: Reconciled with nature

Going back to what is truly essential is the new trend. Environmental awareness has become an important factor in all consumers’ buying decisions. Pollution, stress… there are many factors that affect our skin and body, leading to premature ageing, sensitive skin, and dermal issues. Individuals are looking for products that can protect them and help them to maintain a serene mind in a beautiful and healthy body.

Although consumers trust technology, they also expect responsibility and sustainability. New commercial products have to be safe and respectful of the environment, with nature-inspired ingredients and/or efficient processing helping to save energy and reduce carbon footprint. It is all about a solutions approach that looks into the sustainable profile of new technologies and their overall impact through modern and efficient products.