With IMO (Interactive Message Ornaments) Seram is launching a range of connected accessories aiming to bring them in another dimension, beyond aesthetics.

The ornamentation accessory is essentially perceived as an element that only affects the perceived value of the product: it is restricted to an aesthetic improvement of a primary or secondary packaging. Therefore, the accessories offered by Seram - box ornaments, metal plaques, bows, printed ribbons, etc. - can customize, identify, communicate only on the packaging,” says the supplier of ornamentation, personalization and product enhancement. “A ‘smart’ accessory can go further by allowing ultra-customization and individualized communication (one-to-one marketing).

The emergence and democratization of various technologies - especially based on connectivity - are now giving us the possibility to establish a communication function to accessories (via RFID, NFC, QR code techniques, etc.). This communication function is precisely what Seram chose to innovate by offering IMO.

With this range, Seram wants to use the accessories of both primary and secondary packaging to meet the needs of brands:
  to forge privileged and customized bonds with their end clients (distributors or consumers).
 to give the possibility to brands, distributors as well as end clients to customize the product so that it conveys a message.

Concretely, a small box is decorated with a box ornament and a metal medal including a QR code. This metal medal can be reused for a second life as a bracelet for example. The client that gives the small box just has to snapp the QR code to enter a message through a dedicated interface. The person getting the small box then receives an email or a text message enabling to it read to read the message by placing the smartphone on the ribbon.