At the beginning of March 2020, in response to a shortage of hand sanitizers in France, Seqens immediately scaled up their production capacity to provide the general public, corporations and governmental authorities effective hand sanitizing products. The group dedicated several of its lines a to the production of hydro alcoholic sanitizers at two of its French plants specialized in the production of pharmaceutical intermediates.

Today, Seqens is committed in the fight against the virus as a long- term supplier to its customers. The company, which specializes in pharmaceutical synthesis and specialty ingredients, is therefore expanding its range of products and services. Through its brand NAAHA, Seqens now offers hand sanitizers in both gel and solution forms. The products are available in a wide range of packaging, from 40 ml to bulk [1].

The company can also provide its customers with ergonomic, customizable Automatic distribution terminals adapted to high-traffic areas.

"In an uncertain context and the critical periods still to come, we believe it is essential to remain mobilized to serve our clients and to help fight against a resurgence of the pandemic. Our NAAHA range comes with the expertise, traceability and security of supply of a world leader in pharmaceutical synthesis such as Seqens," said Pierre Luzeau, the company’s Chairman.

For more details, visit the website Seqens has dedicated to their new offer: