SEPPIC wanted to enhance its range of ingredients and formulation expertise to its customers by providing a palette of inspiration and complete. The French producer of speciality ingredients thus partnered with the Carlin International style agency to identify next season’s trends and transpose them into the cosmetics world.

Four major consumer trends were initially analysed by Carlin and SEPPIC:

- "Interlude" depicts and extends the "vacation" effect,
- "Hibernature" reflects glacial beauty and extreme cold,
- "Manufacture" modernizes the classicsgiving them a second life with a touch that is both vintage and modern,
- "Heroic" embodies the heroes of ancient legends and fantastic tales, who dare to brave the unknown.

"Apothi’Care" and "Fantasy Paradox"

SEPPIC adopted the "Manufacture" and "Heroic" concepts and translated them for personal care, renaming them "Apothi’Care" and "Fantasy Paradox".

To transpose these concepts into cosmetics formulas, SEPPIC hosted creative workshops to bring together its international teams (Brazil, Japan, India) to create a lookbook of formulas adapted to the specificities of each geographical area thus serving as an international source of inspiration for creating new products.

In order to adapt the Apothi’Care trend, which consists of revisiting the best elements of the past and modernizing them, SEPPIC created a customizable universal chassis formulation - which is the fruit of a clever combination of two flagship products from SEPPIC, Sepimax ZEN and Montanov L - and imagined seven example cocktails inspired by beauty traditions from around the world.

With just one ingredient base, it is possible to create highly diversified formulas (moisturizers, after-shaves, capillary treatments, etc.). Through its exceptional stability, the chassis enables formulators to design solutions that are easy to scale-up, transpose and reproduce regardless of the active ingredients selected for the formulation. For instance, the addition of an active ingredient may impact the formula’s viscosity, but not its stability.

As far as the "Fantasy Paradox" trend is concerned, which is all about products that intrigue and project the consumer into a magical dream world, SEPPIC created three example formulas: Beauty Armor Blush (fluorescent, transparent, or rose hued upon application depending on skin pH), Ritual Primer (Bordeaux elixir, transparent upon application), and Black and Gold shower gel (black shower gel with gold particules).

Advanced consultations

"Through our new marketing approach of anticipating trends and our related formulas, we hope to assist formulators and marketers in their creative process and to be a veritable source of inspiration to them," explains Corinne Stolz, Marketing Director.

Actually, with this in depth work, SEPPIC is addressing a demand from the market that is emerging with an increasing strength: the need for advanced consultations. While they are urged to multiply new developments, brands are increasingly in demand from advices from ingredients suppliers.