For a nice glow without sun exposure, Wesource, Seppic’s brand for cosmetic active ingredients, has developed Lumipod, a melanin activator from natural origin.

Natural and Cosmos approved

This new tan booster stimulates melanin synthesis and its transfer from melanocytes to keratinocytes, without UV.

Lumipod is an esterified Aminovector. It is a defined molecule, 100% from natural origin, Cosmos approved, with stable and reproducible composition and strong performance.

Visible results

In vivo tests have shown that Lumipod at 1% provides a better efficacy than acetyl tyrosine (market reference), with significantly visible results from 4 days (6% of tanning variation measured by ITA - Individual Typology Angle - on volunteers) and long-lasting effect (15% of variation maintained 15 days after the last product application).

This new active ingredient is a nice example of innovation that illustrates Seppic expertise and ability to answer consumers’ need for naturality and efficacy. Seppic teams design, develop and create ingredients with the highest respect for people and the environment, advancing the science of ingredients for all,” said Anne-Sophie Dutailly, Wesource marketing product manager.