In its “Inspifactory series” dedicated to niche trends and active science, Seppic explores the trend of psychodermatology with CERAMOSIDES™ HP.

As consumers look more and more for solutions with holistic benefits to health and beauty, dermocosmetic products have witnessed a worldwide surge.

The global dermocosmetics market represented 15% of the global cosmetic market in 2020 and is projected to grow with a CAGR of 7.3% during 2020–2030, reaching USD 115.2 billion. Europe was the largest market in 2020 and India is expected to be the fastest growing market over the period [1].

Recently, a new discipline is drawing interest for the development of dermocosmetics: psychodermatology.

Born around 25 years ago and still niche, it’s the combination of psychology and dermatology disciplines and acknowledges the link between the psychological state and the skin. Research increasingly reveals that skin health is intrinsically linked to emotional well-being and conversely.

In a post-pandemic world, consumers seek holistic health and wellness benefits. Therefore, cosmetic products inspired by the psychodermatology approach could become more popular by bringing skin care efficacy and at the same time, by boosting well-being and by encouraging positive feelings.

By mastering botanical extraction, Seppic designed CERAMOSIDES™ HP (Glycosphingolipids - glycolipids), a highly-purified active ingredient from wheat flour. Composed of plant-based ceramides, similar to those of the skin, it demonstrates efficacy in maintaining healthy skin while boosting self-esteem.

At very low concentration, it ensures skin health, by moisturizing it, tightening pores and refining skin texture. It also protects skin elasticity and firmness. Finally, it significantly encourages sensations of joy and calm while reducing feelings of sadness and nervousness, evaluated by a neuroscience expert.

In the future, as for consumers, the skin is no longer limited to the epidermis, cosmetic brands may highlight both the proven-efficacy and emotional benefits of their products.