Through a range of illustrative formulas, SEPPIC highlighted the wide array...

Through a range of illustrative formulas, SEPPIC highlighted the wide array of opportunities now available to formulators to combine ethics and innovation.

SEPPIC’s five Beauty Care laboratories throughout the world (USA, Brazil, France, China) have created eight new green formulas. This collaborative initiative has been built around three of the company’s CSR [1] policy commitments: decreasing environmental impact, innovating sustainably, making the company socially responsible. “Indeed, CSR performance is not only linked to naturally derived ingredients,” explains Nathalie Chevrot, Beauty Care Market Manager at SEPPIC.

Decreasing environmental impact

In order to limit water use in the packaging process and to reduce the carbon footprint, SEPPIC has launched a series of water-free highly concentrated formulas. Water is added by consumers when using the products:

- Featherweight. So Concentrated! So Nice! is a concentrated slimming cream that can easily be reconstituted by adding an equal amount of water. The formula contains the slimming active ingredient Rhodysterol S and the polymer SEPIPLUS S to thicken the water-free formula.
- Concentrated Foaming Power, a reconstituted and easily biodegradable concentrated formula, rich in active matter (27%), which is a cost-effective solution with the foaming ingredients PROTEOL APL, ORAMIX CG 110 and ORAMIX GB 10 with ideal foaming qualities (very stable, dense, abundant foam). By adding water at the last minute, you can make different foaming products: cleanser, shampoo, and more.

Innovating sustainably

Developed by SEPPIC in Brazil, the Jugaad (an Indian term regarding the capacity to do more with less) concept features three minimalist detox body care products made from the same six ingredients (including two active ingredients) to which a new ingredient was added with a cold application process to obtain various sensory textures.

Social responsibility

Two formulas illustrating the company’s commitment to community projects were showcased:

- Responsibly Sourced Palm - AntiPollution Cream, formulated with MONTANOV 68 MB and active ingredients with Book&Claim RSPO certification.
- Purifying and Hydrating Cream - Inspired in France. Formulated with a “locavore” approach with ingredients sourced as near as possible to the company’s research laboratory in Castres, in southwest France. The cream is composed of AQUAXYL, a hydrating, sugar derived active ingredient developed by our green chemistry experts; FLUIDIPURE 8G, a biomimetic, purifying active ingredient; the biosourced emulsifier MONTANOV 202; and SEPIPLUS, an inverse latex polymer that provides high stability.

SEPPIC also showcased Algae Spaghetti Make Up Remover, a biphasic gel with a green spaghetti shape, formulated with Royal Sugar Kelp (PHLOROGINETM BG PF) a brown alga sourced in Brittany, JUVENESSENCE AD, an extract from brown seaweed, and a SOLAGUM TARA - Agar association to obtain the solid, elastic and stable jellified spaghetti, among other ingredients.

Last but not least, the Ecofriendly Deodorant, formulated as a sprayable white emulsion for a deo less polluting than an aerosol.

With these illustrative formulas, SEPPIC evidenced the wide array of opportunities now available to formulators to combine ethics and innovation!

Two new emollients ranges

At in-cosmetics 2016, SEPPIC also unveiled EMOSMART and EMOGREEN, two emollient ranges for cosmetic applications, produced by Total Special Fluids using a patented distillation and purification process, and commercialized by SEPPIC.

The two oil ranges (alkanes) are readily biodegradable.

The inert chemical structure of EMOSMART, from synthetic origin, and EMOGREEN, from plant origin, make them suitable for versatile applications in skin and hair care, make-up, sun care, cleansing. They can be formulated in extreme conditions, for example in formulations with high or low pH, or which are rich in stressful molecules. Compatible with any kind of oils, easy-to-use, EMOSMART and EMOGREEN sweep a broad sensory palette in term of textures,” says Sabrina Mizaël, Emollients & Emulsifiers Product Manager at SEPPIC.

Beyond its full biodegradability, the EMOGREEN range is 100% bio-sourced. It is therefore an alternative to silicone oils for consumers looking for naturalness and environmental respect.

For SEPPIC, the development of this new range of ingredients complies with a responsible approach on the long term and meets the requirements of its customers and consumers.