“Silicone-like” effect

Launched worldwide for cosmetic application, Sepilus K is a concentrated liquid polymer designed to give a touch of sensory elegance to particularly demanding formulations such as minimalist formulas or those compliant with "Clean Beauty".

Already launched for a year in Asia where it has met with rapid success, Sepiplus K is Winner of Ringier Technology Innovation Awards 2021 in China for its high performance and its possibility to formulate with cold process.

More eco-friendly formulas

Sepiplus K is solvent, preservative and EO-free. Cold processable, it requires very little energy for formulation. “A considerable advantage for the development of more ecological products,” explains Seppic in a statement.

It is not considered a microplastic [1] and comes as a concentrated inverse emulsion. Sepiplus K provides high performance in terms of thickening, oil stabilizing and resistance to electrolytes. It is pre-neutralised and efficient on a large pH range from 3 to 12.

Sepiplus K imparts a silicone-like gliding skin feel with a non-tacky and non-sticky finish. It has been scientifically proven in a study carried out in China according to the R3M score [2], that it activates the positive emotions of consumers, an important factor in the appreciation of cosmetic products,” adds Seppic.