Sephora has announced a manifesto to become more inclusive. The beauty retailer has unveiled "We Belong to Something Beautiful," a campaign and manifesto that aims to encourage celebrating differences and living fearlessly.

Sephora is launching a campaign to celebrate differences - © AFP Photo /...

Sephora is launching a campaign to celebrate differences - © AFP Photo / Lionel Bonaventure

Sephora believes in championing all beauty, living with courage, and standing fearlessly together to celebrate our differences. We will never stop building a community where diversity is expected, self-expression is honored, all are welcome, and you are included,” quotes the retailer’s manifesto.

The campaign will see Sephora publish the manifesto online, in major newspapers across the US and via email. The company is also hosting a nationwide workshop focusing on inclusivity on June 5, for which it will close its US stores, distribution centers and headquarters.

The move comes as the brand prepares to open its new Times Square boutique in the heart of New York. Video clips posted to Sephora’s Instagram account Stories show the colorful ‘We Belong to Something Beautiful’ motto displayed in-store.

Inclusivity has been a major topic of discussion within the beauty industry over the past few years, with countless major brands making a very public effort to increase the diversity of the products they offer. Earlier this month, the skincare brand Obagi snapped up actress Priyanka Chopra to front its new ‘Skinclusion’ initiative, which aims to open up the discussion about the need for inclusion and diversity when it comes to skincare, highlighting awareness of "unconscious biases," while Dove Haircare teamed up with Kelly Rowland in February to launch a single that aimed to boost self-confidence among girls.