Sephora opened their new flagship store in Beijing on May 8 in TaiKoo Li Sanlitun, a shopping centre in the capital’s Chaoyang District.

The new store was designed in collaboration with the young Chinese artist Chen Baoyang, who created a digital artwork dubbed "Algorithmic Blossom" specially for the store. Chen’s work pays tribute to the beauty of flowers, using topological fractal algorithms, employing digital simulation and VR technology to display diverse flowers in full bloom that denotes “elegant integrity and unbounded romance.

Thanks to digital technologies, the TaiKoo Li Flagship Store is open 24/7. Indeed, the store has launched its first virtual platform on an official app and a WeChat Mini Program for consumers. With the help of virtual reality technology, consumers may receive immersive store experience anytime, anywhere, and can even have the opportunity to "meet" the artist Chen Baoyang and hear his inspiration behind the artwork. In addition, Sephora Beauty Pass members can make appointments via Sephora official WeChat account.

Exclusive launches

On the occasion of this opening, Chinese brand Marie Dalgar Color Studio took inspiration from Chen’s creation to offer a limited collection tailor-made for the new store, with the artwork "Algorithmic Blossom" blooming on the packaging.

The very first Sephora Hair Bar in China also debuted in the TaiKoo Li Flagship Store, providing scalp treatment and hair solutions. Moreover, Sephora’s new home fragrance category was launched for the first time in China.

Gifts and fragrances

In the store, customers can not only treat themselves, but also pamper friends and family. The TaiKoo Li Flagship Store has crafted a special beauty gifting zone, where customers can choose from gift packs to express their warmest care and best wishes to their loved ones.

Sephora’s latest store in China also unveiled the upgraded Fragrance Studio 2.0, which helps customers choose a perfume on the basis of big data algorithms, colour psychology and somatosensory interactive technology. When finishing the fun psychology test, guests can discover their perfect match in fragrance.

The store also unveils the first-ever Sephora Fragrance Buyer Zone, where customers can catch up with the latest fragrance trends and unlock diverse popular perfume brands and niche products only at Sephora.