It would not be possible, of course, to make an exhaustive picture of all the new products showcased at the last edition of Luxe Pack. However, Premium Beauty News spotted some of them for you, among many others:

- Albéa introduced Beauty Eye-D, its new line of three new plastic mascara brushes (La Petite, Signorina Couture and Cashmere) developed through the Albéa Tips Studio and manufactured in the group’s European centre of excellence for mascara, Albéa Bottanuco in Italy. The French group also launched Cool Spin, an eye contouring applicator with a ceramic tip for a cool and relaxing sensation. The global leader in also introduced at Luxepack Monaco this year, the first European manufactured oval laminate tube, Ovation.

- Aptar Beauty + Home highlighted two new beauty gestures: Note, for fragrance products, and Skin Master, a next generation pen inspired by cosmetic medicine and specially created for facial skincare applications dedicated to the treatments of laugh lines, eyelids, bags under the eyes and skin imperfections. As far as sampling solutions are concerned, Aptar also introduced Easy Clip Card, an alternative aesthetic option, as economic as the open card, available in different materials (blotter, cardboard, metal, plastic).

- Arcade Beauty has created, for Dior’s J’adore fragrance, a fragranced blotter for distribution in magazines. The result is a blotter that is impregnated with the scent and housed in a decorative envelope, both manufactured at Carestia Arcade Beauty’s facility in Grasse, France, which is specialized in scent strips and other fragranced paper products.

- Cosfibel showcased Giftlux Box, a patented ready-to-use packaging solution that is both a box for the product and a gift package in its own right.

- Cosmogen, the French supplier of brushes, accessories and cosmetic packaging, launched Attract One a patented skin care applicator, featuring a metallic ball magnetically attached to a fully customizable handle. The metallic ball is fully uncovered to gain up 3 times more surface application compared to usual roll on applicators.

- Geka presented different mascara brush models and shapes and demonstrated its 3D mascara brush printing techniques allowing customers to test a variety of new brush models at a very early project stage. The German company also presented its “Sandwich Technology” - a patented manu-facturing method to produce moulded brushes. This innovative two-shot technology works with two different plastic materials - a soft one for the bristles and a harder one for the core.

- The Italian company INCA highlighted its ability to develop tailor-made decoration projects in aluminium.

- In addition to its polypropylene offer, Mega Airless is introducing polyethylene terephthalate (PET) containers to the market.

- The Pochet Group and Samhwa Plastic have chosen Luxe Pack Monaco to unveil their partnership centred on Pure Drop, a high-end airless pump concept that combines the best technology and performance available with the freedom to customize products to suit individual needs in the increasingly developing skin care sector.

- The Quadpack group has showcased premium droppers dressed in wood and metal.

- SGD has put the emphasis on its improvements on glass. In order to illustrate its glass-making and decoration knowhow, in particular the SCULT’in technique, SGD has collaborated with the famous designer, Alnoor from « Objets de Convoitises » to create together three luxurious cream jars with extremely precise and sophisticated inside engravings. The glassmaker has also highlighted its exclusive inside coatings along with alternatives to metallization.

- Stora Enso has showcased its new Performa Brilliance product, a FBB folding boxboard intended for packaging cosmetics, fragrances, perfumes, beauty and hair care products and luxury products such as jewellery, watches, champagne and fine spirits.

Many other new features have been introduced and of course we will detail them in the coming weeks.