Sederma, Croda’s subsidiary dedicated to the development of active ingredients and in the creation of innovative concepts for cosmetics, has launched a new peptide technology that re-educates the hair bulb to produce its own natural authentic pigmentation, while also providing enhanced protection against intrinsic and extrinsic oxidative damage.

Silverfree intensively and progressively enhances the natural pigmentation of hair and has a remnant effect that continues for at least 4 months after the last application,” claims the company in a statement.

The efficacy of Silverfree against hair greying was demonstrated in vitro and in vivo through four independent clinical studies. According to Sederma, based on these study results Silverfree visibly reduced the density of white hair (-32,4% down to -86%) and restored the original hair colour (+27.4% pigmented hair up to +385%). Being water soluble, Silverfree is highly suitable for cold process. This biomimetic peptide allows everyone to maintain their identity and embrace with pride the individuality of their own hair colour.