Vonda Simon, CEO, Seacliff Beauty

Vonda Simon, CEO, Seacliff Beauty

Premium Beauty News - Was 2016 a satisfying year for your company?

Vonda Simon - Yes very much. We have added three new sales people on the west and east coast and recently a new VP creative director/brand developer for our turnkey division that is thriving as well. Our website is being revamped for 2017 to be launched in March 2017.

Premium Beauty News - And what about recent investments?

Vonda Simon - We opened a Connecticut office in 2016 located in Waterbury Conn where we have sales and customer service people to expand our east coast presence. We have a significant amount of business on the East Coast and decided to invest in a fulltime presence to assist our customers in a more efficient manner.

Premium Beauty News – Some new products?

Vonda Simon - Yes we have launched several custom skincare packages for customers such as Melaleuca, Fresh, Perricone, Murad and many more and in turnkey we launched products for Kelly Baker Brows, Planet Beauty, Bad Medina Cosmetics and many more.

Premium Beauty News - How does 2017 look like for your company?

Vonda Simon - The next advancement is in our turnkey division, high-tech packaging solutions and exclusive brand opportunities in color cosmetics and skincare. Seacliff Beauty provides clients world class product design and development with a team of skilled professionals in marketing strategy, brand development, packaging engineers and the best of worldwide formulators to accelerate speed to market.

Regarding our turnkey offer, we offer to our clients a full-service solution: from concept to market and retail strategy, brand development, product development, formulation and packaging ready to go to market. We combine industry insight with cutting-edge research and operational expertise in branding and product development to provide a remarkable beauty product of the highest quality.

Regarding innovation, we focus on innovative packaging. Our innovative technology in packaging design which preserves the product with a locking mechanism that holds volatile components. With the advancement of the Beautilock™ component in various shapes and developments are currently being made with two of the top cosmetic companies in the industry which we will be very excited to announce sometime in the spring of 2017. 

Premium Beauty News - Do you have operations outside the United States?

Vonda Simon - No not yet but we will be participating in many more shows overseas starting this year 2017.