By launching the cooling undereye concealer AWAKE, Schwan Cosmetics aims to continue the trend of multi-sensory product experience in color cosmetics this month. A cooling sensation and depuffing effect is created on the skin, by packing a moisturizing formula with a high percentage of water into stick form.

Paired with the HYDRACEAL formula, AWAKE is a vegan everyday undereye concealer with a skin smoothing effect and moisturizing ingredients.

According to Schwan Cosmetics, in response to the digital overload and increasingly home-centered life due to the Covid-19 pandemic, consumers are looking for unexpected sensorial excitement that appeals to less stimulated senses. In this context, multi-sensory products have the advantage to enhance well-being, trigger mindfulness and creativity, and offer a break from digital overload.

The new HYDRACEAL concept takes the concealer category to a new level. Thanks to the smart combination of ingredients, the consumer feels a cooling sensation whilst enjoying a perfect coverage - a real sensorial experience. In contrast to paste-like concealer sticks that barely allow the skin to breathe, the texture is long-lasting, transfer-proof and still feels lightweight. HYDRACEAL is therefore the best choice for the days of face masks,” said Sandra Lossau, Vice President Global Category Management.

The texture includes key ingredients such as 30% water, more than 10% jojoba oil and 2% glycerin. The high percentage of water creates the cooling sensation on the skin. Glycerin is well known as a moisturizer and supporter of the regeneration of the skin barrier. Jojoba oil is famous for keeping the skin hydrated and protecting it from the drying effects of the environment. Furthermore, all ingredients are vegan and animal cruelty free.

The finish has a natural, matte coverage and can be realized in any requested color shade.

AWAKE was also developed with applicators in a new design, that help to reach every corner of the face without interfering with the rest of the make-up.