Schwan Cosmetics successfully developed airtight wooden pencils that can contain formulas with volatile compounds

"As the inventor of the wooden cosmetics pencils, we are extremely excited to create yet another first in the industry. We thereby enlarge our portfolio of eco-friendly products with a new line of high performing formulas in wood pencils – a collection that will undoubtedly resonate with today’s consumers," said Dagmar Chlosta, Chief Market Officer at Schwan Cosmetics.

Airtight pencils

Thanks to a new technological process that is kept secret, wooden pencils are made airtight and can thus contain formulas with volatile compounds. So far, it was impossible to fill these formulas in anything else than plastic containers.

According to Schwan Cosmetics, it is a real leap forward for the environment. High performing ingredients, never used before in a wooden pencil, and enabling long lasting and waterproof formulas, can now be used to produce a brand new and unique product range featuring sustainable pencils made of renewable wood!

A good way to reduce the use of plastics and to meet current expectations of consumers.

In addition, Schwan Cosmetics’ “Perfect” collection also features high concentration of pure pigments creating an intense colour pay-off.

Patented safety-lock cap

A highlight in itself is also the innovative "worry-free" safety-lock cap introduced by Schwan Cosmetics for this collection. Its special design makes it possible to close a wooden pencil airtight for the first time. Thus, the cap will never fall and will keep the formula fresh.

The safety cap also avoids any accidental opening when transporting the pencil in a purse or a make-up bag. A novelty that will be praised by consumers,” explains Sonia Huneau, Public Relation Manager at Schwan Cosmetics.

The “Perfect” range includes and eyeliner, that also be used as a kajal (the super soft formula lasts up to 18 hours as eyeliner and up to 15 hours as kajal), a brow liner (with a gel-gliding waterproof formula that can be colourless or highly pigmented and lasts up to 24 hours), a lipliner (with a no feathering formula that lasts up to 12 hours).