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Schwan Cosmetics: a challenging world!

"It will be a good year!" This is the feeling of Dr. Joerg Karas, Executive Vice President Research and Product Development from Schwan Cosmetics, who draws for Premium Beauty News an initial review of the current exercise. He also takes this occasion to look back onto the major technical challenges that the Group has to face to meet market demand.

Dr. Joerg Karas, Schwan Cosmetics

Dr. Joerg Karas, Schwan Cosmetics

Premium Beauty News - As an introduction, what about the company’s activity for this 2011 year, ending in three months time?

Joerg Karas - 2011 has been a year of milestones for Schwan-STABILO Cosmetics. On May 27, we celebrated the 10th anniversary of our Czech facility and just a couple of weeks ago on September 16, we celebrated the 15th anniversary of our US facility. Throughout the year we are participating in many international shows such as FCE Cosmetique in Sao Paulo, Beautyworld Middle East in Dubai, MakeUp in Paris, MakeUp in New York, Beauty Professional in Kazan and Cosmoprof Asia in Hongkong.

When it comes to innovative new products, within the eyeliner category, we have to point out our new StyleMatic, a great next step within the automatic pencil category.

Premium Beauty News - Make-up products featuring long-wear characteristics remain a major challenge for the future, don’t you think?

Joerg Karas - We live in a fast world. The need for convenience and ease-of-use is getting stronger and stronger. This is especially true for women in the work force. That is why make up not only has to reliably last throughout the day but also through special occasions and formulas have to perform accordingly. We consistently achieve the highest performance with our formulas and as a result gain very happy end consumers. This is the reason why we work on formulas that guarantee an extremely long-lasting wear but at the same time promise a very comfortable application feel. The focus varies of course depending on the product form.

Premium Beauty News - What products are of concern more specifically?

Joerg Karas - For instance, with our high performance products, Sharpenable MT and Liquid Liner, we obtain long-wear characteristics of up to 24h with a consistent finish. Our Mechanical product field offers clear USPs for the most diverse demands within colour cosmetics. Modern application systems allow for a multitude of formula and make-up features, from all-day-long to very colour intense.

Premium Beauty News - Does it mean the end of wood- pencils?

Joerg Karas - No, not at all. The wood-clenched pencil, also preferred and loved by makeup artists, will keep its strong standing within the Colour Cosmetics world through the smart usage of new, high-tech ingredients and application features on an exceptional high level.

Premium Beauty News - International regulatory constraints as well as consumer requirements vary from one country, from one region to another. Not so simple in such conditions to have a product development strategy?

Joerg Karas - As a leading manufacturer we are able to know and answer to the multitude of international standards. Matters of compliance are treated with high priority as they are an important part of our customer service.

Regarding customer requirements, local climate conditions must also be taken in the equation. Hot climate zones with high humidity put very different demands onto the long-lasting wear of a formula than for example the Central European climate zone. In addition, skin type, the geometry of the eye and makeup habits play a very important role. This is where we have our say!

Premium Beauty News - What other challenges must be taken?

Joerg Karas - A very good question: after a 24h claim, what other challenges will there be in terms of long-lasting properties? Be assured, we are already exploring successfully several avenues.

Interview by Jean-Yves Bourgeois

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