Scentys, a French company that has specialised for over 10 years in scent diffusion for major fine fragrance brands, is launching Prysm, a new compact and easy-to-use diffuser, with the aim to make its patented technology available to a larger public, including professionals and individuals.

The latest addition to Scentys’ range of scent of professional air freshener systems, Prysm uses the dry fragrance dispensing system developed and patented by Clément Jeanjean and David Suissa, the two engineers behind Scentys. In summary, the fragrance concentrate is solidified and transformed into small beads. The scent is diffused through a flow of air that passes through the beads.

Easy to use

Prysm was designed to be easy and intuitive to use. The capsule containing the scented beads just has to be inserted in the compartment at the front of the diffuser, then a single tap on the on/off button is enough to start or stop it. The airflow passing through the scented beads immediately diffuses the fragrance around.

According to Scentys, Prysm can perfume a space of approximately 40 m2 in a few minutes for about 50 hours, the average lifespan of the capsules. Capsules are interchangeable and can be used one after the other, the previous fragrance never altering the new one.

Scentys has also carefully designed its new distributor, with the help of designer Emmanuel Dietrich. Prysm’s compact size and discreet lines allow it to fit discreetly on a table, a shelf, a counter or bedside.

A collection of 25 fragrances

Prysm can diffuse Scentys’ entire collection of 25 fragrances, which were created by the noses of famous French fine fragrance manufacturers such as Mane, Robertet, Givaudan or Flair.

The capsules can be ordered on the company’s website (24,90 euros for a pack of two capsules). The Prysm diffuser is priced at 229 euros.