Dallas-based Fusion Packaging recently unveiled “Scene”, a patent-pending bottle especially designed for foundation. The package provides a shatterproof, clear and glass-like base for true colour indication, enabling the formula to be seen while on display or at point of sale.

Comprised of two resins, the bottle features a polypropylene barrel and PCTG [1] base. The result is a lightweight, single-walled atmospheric bottle that disguises foundation separation behind the opaque barrel, while simultaneously providing a large canvas for customizable decoration through a variety of techniques, including silk screening, hot stamping, UV metallizing and custom colour or spray.

Bottle capacity is 30 ml with a 0.23 ml output, and is available in three pump options: aluminum, plastic or a combination of both.

Beautifully engineered, Scene is ideal for foundations, primers, alphabet creams, and formulas with unique colouring. Consumers will love the ability to preview and match foundation shades through the crystal clear window at the bottom of the bottle, making for a quick and convenient shade matching experience,” claims Fusion Packaging.