After two years devoted to setting up their business project and developing the products, Aïny’s creators can boast themselves for the result. By combining natural cosmetology with fair trade and support to native people in Peru and Ecuador, they positioned the brand right into the most dynamic and innovative segment of today’s cosmetic business.

Even better , their products with enchanted names, such as Âme resplendissante, Perles de la plus belle eau, offer original ingredients and handsome containers. The Sacha Inchi oil, for instance, which enters in the formulae of Aïny’s skin care items is particularly rich in Omega 3s and 6s. And ingredients selected in Aïny’s lines always tell a story: about the traditions of Andean tribes - Quechuas, Ashaninkas or Yaneshas - their sacred plants and their unrivalled knowledge of endemic biodiversity.

Eventually, as “Aïny” also means “reciprocity” in the Quechuan language, the company pledges to return 4 per cent of its turnover to these indigenous communities in Peru and Ecuador from which are sourced botanical ingredients and the knowledge about their properties. Natural and ethic cosmetic products cannot afford any behaviour that could be viewed as biopiracy, the brand’s creators explain.

An ethical and marketing consistency that probably helped Aïny to pick up the ‘coup de coeur’ prize at the Beauty Challenge Awards 2008 during the latest Beyond Beauty tradeshow in Paris.