No more brush or sponge required to apply the compact foundation but a mini roller of 10 mm in diameter that can just take the right amount of product and apply it in a perfectly uniform way, creating what specialists call a flawless effect with no overloading. An innovation that we owe to Michel Limongi, esthetician, makeup artist, teacher and creative director for Alcan Packaging Beauty.

Michel Limongi, Creative Director, Alcan Packaging Beauty

Michel Limongi, Creative Director, Alcan Packaging Beauty

Meet the needs

In fact, he explains, this new concept is really a concentrated approach of what I have always followed since the day I developed a passion for the beauty of women.

According to Michel Limongi, it is essential to create makeup products that are in perfect harmony with the needs of women. And to achieve this, "we must listen, study, propose, test... , and test again. We must also and above all, teach women how to apply makeup. It is in my training center, that this whole process is set up to give life to our new concepts, centered on the real needs and expectations of consumers.

Symbiosis between the tool and the formula

While brands have now achieved an excellent quality control of their formulas, "we must now associate the proper applicators to obtain the makeup effect desired by women” And the Roll ‘on Accord Parfait is certainly the best outcome of this theory. It is the symbol of the ideal combination between an efficient applicator tool and a formula, created by L’Oreal Paris, perfectly adapted to this new application technique.

In this case, you simply roll out the formula. So a new gesture is created, but also and above all a professional result within consumer reach… this is what guides my everyday-work”, explains Michel Limongi, It is easy to guess that for teams working under his leadership at the Research and Development Center for Alcan Packaging Beauty in Gennevilliers, this is a daily… but yet exciting challenge.

"The trio Pack-tool-formula is essential. It is now part of the innovation offer from Alcan Packaging Beauty to give clients a global and quality solution to meet the expectations of consumers”, continues Michel Limongi. “Some of our new products, eyes, cheeks, lips makeup, made on this model will be presented on an exclusive basis at Luxepack".

Stephane Tondenier, Alcan Packaging's Sales and Marketing Vice President for...

Stephane Tondenier, Alcan Packaging’s Sales and Marketing Vice President for the Cosmetics & Perfumes activity worldwide

Innovation as a strategic axis

According to Stéphane Tondenier, Sales and Marketing Vice President for the Cosmetics & Perfumes activity worldwide, the release of Roll’ On Accord Parfait illustrates perfectly the strategy of Alcan Packaging Beauty, “innovation is a major mainstay of our strategy with our global dimension in terms of industrial locations, organization and management of projects, but also in terms of complementarity of our multi-segment offer, Packaging and Full service for which we offer a full range of turnkey products. It is quite clear ... without real innovation, no future!

« Thanks the talent of Michel Limongi and to the work accomplished by our research center, we are extremely well equipped to provide the indispensable “plus” that our clients need. Innovations, we have several in the pipeline, which should, in familiar terms take your breath away in 2010.