The Grasse-based group specializing in natural raw materials for fragrances and flavours is pursuing its international growth strategy with the conclusion of an agreement to take control and gradually acquire Sonarome, a major Indian player in flavours for food and beverages.

With this operation, Robertet strengthens its position in India, where it is already established in the fragrance industry, adding new industrial capacities to better serve its customers in Asia. The acquisition also allows Robertet to expands its presence in South-East Asia and in East Africa.

Based in Bangalore, Sonarome has been run by the Gulhati family since it was founded in 1979. Known for its high-quality products, the company has over 100 employees and long- standing relationships with leaders of the sector. The company has reached over 15 million euros in sales in 2022 and has been recording double- digit annual growth for the past three years.

Until this acquisition by the Robertet Group, Sonarome was jointly owned by the Gulhati family and IFF. To ensure business continuity, Robertet will entrust Mr Nitesh Gulhati as Sonarome’s managing director.

Robertet has already been established in Mumbai for 20 years. Over the last five years, its growth has accelerated significantly with the integration of Goldfield Manufacturing Pvt Ltd, an Indian company specializing in perfumery.

The acquisition of Sonarome is the Robertet’s 6th external growth operation in five years.

We are proud to welcome Sonarome to the Robertet Group. This historic acquisition is part of our internationalization strategy and represents a milestone in our development in India and Asia. With our unique positioning in natural products, new local industrial capacity and enhanced expertise in flavors, we have all the assets to become a major player in this specific market,” commented Jérôme Bruhat, CEO of Robertet.