US fashion design house Robert Graham is launching three new men’s fragrances: Robert Graham Courage, Robert Graham Valour, Robert Graham Fortitude.

Robert Stock, Co-Founder of Robert Graham, said he was inspired by the rare craftsmanship of blended spirits for his first foray into the world of men’s fragrance. “Like a great liqueur, single malt Scotch or small-batch Bourbon, I saw these fragrances blended from a little bit of this, and a little bit of that,” he explained. “We started with a feeling, where each blended essence had to have its own personality.

Robert Graham Courage

The Pilote de Course cap of the 250 ml bottle was inspired by the original bust created in the 1920s by legendary sculptor Francois Pimienta. Only two copies of this rare hood ornament are known to exist. The leather stitched base is inspired by one of Robert’s steering wheels.

Fragrance Notes: A smooth top note of classic Vodka Citron merges with fresh Bergamot and is finished with subtle Smoky Guaiac Wood to instantly evoke a thrill- seeking drive along the ocean cliffs.

Robert Graham Valour

The bulldog has always been a symbol of fierce individuality and willful intelligence - a fitting way to top off such a determined essence. Housed in a faceted decanter and finished with a foulard print, this bottle gives a nod to the well-dressed modern gentleman. Staunch, steadfast and spirited this English bulldog wears a hand-painted purple bowtie – a one-of-a-kind with an unmistakable strut. The petrified wood base was inspired from a piece of wood that Robert collected on his travels.

Fragrance Notes: This blended essence walks the line between fresh and sybaritic, mixing top notes Clary Sage, Coffee Santos and Amber Wood to give it the epitome of eclectic sophistication.

Robert Graham Fortitude

The horned ram’s head of the 250 ml bottle, with green Swarovski crystal eyes is revered in cultures around the world as a symbol of strength and virility - a spirit summoned to bring fearlessness to warriors who could use a dose of his stamina. The steampunk gear base was inspired by Robert’s passion for race car driving and gears.

Fragrance Notes: An overly sensual top note of Tobacco Absolute with secondary notes of Patchouli and Tonka Bean are melded to perfection for this distinctive blend.

Available from March 1, 2016 for US $295 (250ml) and US $125 (100 ml) at Bloomingdales and and Robert Graham and