At Luxe Pack Monaco 2023, Rissmann has introduced Velvet Bag, a prestige 100% paper bag with a suede effect and a touch as sensual as that of an animal fur.

The German manufacturer has designed a prestige bag in flocked paper, FSC certified and produced from eucalyptus pulp. The bag’s surface offers a suede effect both to the sight and to the touch. Patterns obtained by a complementary embossing process give this material the appearance of an animal’s fur (a giraffe for the model showcased at Monaco, but other animal skin appearances are possible).

This material can be available in around a hundred colours meeting the Oeko-Tex Standard 100. Each colour, associated with the embossing process, offers numerous customization possibilities, tone on tone, without additional colour printing process. Only the gold logo was obtained by transfer finishing (hot foil stamping). Finally, FSC-certified woven paper handles, soft as a ribbon and a comfortable length to carry, crown the luxurious finish of the bag. According to Rissmann, this flocked paper can inspire numerous creations, such as original box inlays.

In addition to the production of this bag – which is possible in Europe, Asia and North America – Rissmann offers local storage and logistics solutions, also available in the Middle East.