This is not just another mere step in the improvement of spray performances that Rexam will be introducing at the next Luxe Pack, from 19 to 21 October 2011 in Monaco, but a real breakthrough.

New sensations

The new Panache spray introduces consumers to a whole new experience placing them in a real mist of perfume, with no feelings of wetness and no stain marks, with less dispersed finer particles, and with a new gesture too, thanks to a prolonged pump action and a longer output spray of 30 cm, with no equivalent on the market.

"Even the sound produced during actuation is different, explains Samira Chmiti, Product Manager at Rexam Beauty, it is more harmonious, more zen".

Rexam has even started collaboration with Mane the perfumer from Grasse, to assess the impact of its new technology on the diffusion of its fragrances. "The first non-final results, show a top note emerging with much more clarity, more strength and faster".

Technological breakthrough

Panache is the result of five years of research and development, to create a spray compatible with a wide variety of formulas enabling its use for perfumes of course, but also for deodorants or misters. Alcohol or aqueous based formulas, that can also be oil-based, on demand.

"It’s an evolution of our Maximist spray, but at a level that offers entirely new opportunities bringing the spray into new dimensions", emphasises Chmiti.

Compared to other sprays offered by Rexam, Panache features totally new technical characteristics. The homogeneity and the reduction in the size of particles help create a light and airy spray. Panache generates a mist of particles varying in size from 30 to 60 µm, against 30 to 90 µm for Rexam’s Maximist spray and 40 to 150 µm for a standard spray. As for the prolonged action of the pump it was brought to 0.6 seconds, against 0.2 and 0.1 respectively for the Maximist spray and a standard spray. Enough to make of Panache a credible alternative to aerosols for some applications, with the advantages of a simpler assembly process, of being propellant free, and because of the choice of the material used for the bottle.

"Maximist was already one of iconic luxury brands favourite, but now with Panache, we’ve pushed the art of spraying to its maximum", boasts Christine Guichuki, Marketing and Communications Manager for Rexam.

The Panache technology, which has already been launched in the perfume universe as a exclusivity for a French brand, will be available for all of Rexam’s customers as of January 2012.

For the fragrance market, Panache is developed on a specific version (with a modified engine and nozzle) of Rexam’s XD11 pump. For other applications, the Panache technology uses a specific version of the SP22 pump. All the decorative elements of the XD11 and SP22 ranges being available for Panache.

In the future, Rexam plans to push this technology even further, to meet this time the needs of the pharmaceutical market.