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Clariant Active Ingredients

Resynchronizing the skin’s well-being clock: the circadian rhythm

In 2017, the Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine awarded discoveries on the molecular mechanisms controlling circadian rhythm. The research showcased that living organisms have an internal biological clock helping to anticipate and adapt to the daily rhythm.

The body is regulated by a global circadian rhythm, also called a 24-hour circadian/biological clock. Depending on day and night cycles, this allows the body to know what it has to do at certain times, controlling our physiological behavior and metabolism, synthesizing molecules and hormones or not, regulating our sleep and appetite. This global rhythm is regulated by the brain, but the skin, specifically each cell, possesses its own internal clock governing major biological responses following this 24-hour rhythm.

Stress: the cause of circadian rhythm disruption

Stress, jetlag, shift working hours, intense lifestyle or even exposure to blue light emission from electronic screen devices disrupt the global body circadian clock, which in the end leads to the deregulation of the skin’s circadian rhythm. Genes that should be expressed in the morning (Per/Cry) are no longer well expressed, and the same happens to evening genes (Bmal-1/Clock): the rhythm is dysregulated. This phenomenon weakens many biological functions of the skin which are known to respect this rhythmicity. [1]

As a consequence, the skin is “lost in time” and more prone to aggressions, leading skin to looking tired and dull.

Protecting skin from the stressors of modern living is rising consumer interest. In particular, with the increasing usage of digital devices showing no signs of abating and the demands of the working environment meaning extended or unusual working hours, guarding skin well-being and decreasing the impact of a too dynamic lifestyle is needed. [2]

B-Circadin™: the well-being circadian rhythm resynchronizer

B-Circadin is extracted from Lespedeza capitata and harvested in South Korea where it is used for its medicinal properties. The circadian cycle regulating human skin is also part of plant rhythm, notably explaining how the leaves and flowers open out during the day and close at night. B-Circadin has been inspired by this wonderful ability and adapted for the skin.

(click on the image to increase it)

(click on the image to increase it)

B-Circadin contains key active compounds: carlinoside and isoschaftoside, two glycosylated flavonoids directly involved in circadian clock maintenance. It enhances the circadian rhythm re


[1] Circadian modulation of proteasome activity and accumulation of oxidized protein in human embryonic kidney HEK 293 cells and primary dermal fibroblasts. Free radical Biology and Medicine. (2016).

[2] Clocks, genes and sleep. Journal of the Royal Society of Medicine. (2003).

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Clariant Active Ingredients

Clariant Active Ingredients opened its new facilities on the Sanofi BioParc in Toulouse, France on January 1, 2017. The location is home to a dedicated team, with vast experience in the field of active ingredients. Toulouse, as location for this Unit, was chosen in particular because of the area’s active focus on biotechnology and proximity to potential development partners and players in the cosmetics industry.

The Units focus is on extending Clariant’s portfolio of naturally-sourced products from BioSpectrum and Beraca with additional development of novel nature-inspired active ingredients. It has at its disposal pharmaceutical industry-standard laboratories for skin biology studies and testing, and biochemical laboratories where the focus will be on synthesizing unique outperforming molecules for unmet consumers’ needs.



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