REN Clean Skincare partners with Tubex to create an eco-smart sample pack made from 100% recycled aluminium that is also fully recyclable. This partnership is part of the brand’s Zero Waste Pledge aiming for recyclable, reusable and recycled material by the end of 2021.

Samples play a huge role in helping consumers to make their own opinion on products they want to acquire and add to their beauty and care routines. They offer people the chance to test a product on their own skin, savour the texture, see the colour, and experience its fragrance. However, sample production comes at an environmental cost, in particular when they are made of plastics or mixed materials that are hard to recycle.

To prevent the production of harmful greenhouse gases during the production of these samples and facilitate their recycling, REN Clean Skincare partnered with Tubex to launch samples made of recycled aluminium (95% PCR and 5% PIR), which is infinitely recyclable.

The benefits of aluminium in terms of recyclability are well known: nearly 75% of the aluminium that has ever been produced is still in use! Another advantage is that the production of recycled aluminium saves 95% of the energy needed to produce virgin aluminium.

While more costly, we are committed to using these new tubes to reduce plastic waste and hope to encourage other beauty brands to rethink their sample packaging with the planet in mind,” explains Arnaud Meysselle, consider REN Clean Skincare Chief Executive Officer.

Tubex’ technology of recycled aluminium tubes was also chosen by L’Occitane for all of their aluminium tubes.