Combining the ancestral know-hows of expertise of the perfumery and spirits worlds is not that new. Killian Hennessy and Frapin are good illustrations of niche fragrance brands with deep roots in the world of spirits. Rémy Cointreau is taking the plunge with the creation of a luxurious perfume house: Maison Psyché.

Fragrance materials in small oak casks

The brand was born when Baptiste Loiseau, Cellar Master of the Maison Rémy Martin, met Sophie Labbé, Principal Perfumer at Firmenich. The two creative souls have selected perfumery’s finest raw materials and have left them to age in Maison Rémy Martin cellars in Cognac, France, within tonnelets (small oak casks) specially designed by Seguin Moreau, to allow them to expand their range of expression.

Time has done its work and the result is striking, just like for our eaux de vie,” said Baptiste Loiseau.

According to the brand, this unique combination of high end fragrance ingredients and wood gave birth to five new fragrance whose longevity on the skin and olfactory richness have “no equal”.

Baccarat crystal

Maison Psyché’s fragrances are available in Baccarat crystal bottles, adorned in gold - some with diamonds, numbered and only available in very limited quantities.

For Francesco Riosa, CEO of Maison Psyché, “the creation of Maison Psyché is the fulfilment of a wonderful dream. The dream of reinventing La Grande Parfumerie in the 21st century and restoring its prestige by connecting it to the traditional and time-honoured expertise of Exceptional Spirits.

According to Eric Vallat, CEO of Rémy Cointreau Group, high-end perfumery is a natural extension of the group’s spirits business.The Maison Psyché range is based on the special blending and ageing expertise specific to the world of spirits to elevate the finest raw materials from perfumery and create innovative fragrances. Maison Psyché is a bridge between two worlds, that of luxury fragrance and that of spirits, and a bold venture with terroirs, people and time at its very heart.