Everything in a single location

According to Vittoria Cicchetti, CEO of Regi International, whose turnover has seen since 4 years a 20 to 30% constant yearly growth, building a new factory “is another vital step in the development of Regi in order to meet increasingly growing customer demand.” The yet recent current plant, that produces bulk and which also includes the R& D laboratory and offices, and another factory near Crema for conditioning and powder compaction, are already not sufficient to meet demand.

Furthermore, the operation will enable the firm to group all its activities on a single location. Especially as the "full service" activity is in constant growth and requires the installation of new complete lines.

To strengthen its European positions

Founded in 1994 by Vittoria Cicchetti herself, the firm has developed soberly in recent years. “An option which is no longer a requirement today, she says, insofar as we have consolidated our bases and as our products are unanimously acknowledged by a large number of European customers, particularly in Germany and Northern Europe, but also by American customers. France remains a young market, the last to have been approached, but where there is an undeniable interest for our products and a strong development potential”.

Some of our products have also won several awards in Europe over the last 4 years, which encourages us to constantly develop new ideas and formulas. Passion for our work leads us more than ever to constantly develop our business, relying on our know-how and keeping our standards of creativity, versatility and responsiveness which are for us the appropriate answer to meet market needs and therefore a foundation for a strong partnership with our customers,” she adds.

A new range at Cosmoprof

On the occasion of the Cosmoprof tradeshow in Bologna, Italy, the company which distinguished itself, by being the first to launch on the market mascaras with scientifically acknowledged eyelashe lengthening properties, will present a brand new collection, Antidote, "a genuine beauty prescription, with the help of which to look beautiful also means to feel fine".