Refillable jars

Designed for skin care products, Toly’s refillable jar stands out for its practicality. This refillable jar offers three main features: the outer jar with an inner frame in which the refill (cup) is placed. The cup has a hinged cover which has two advantages: by it facilitates the withdrawal of the refill through a simple pression, and it offers an airtight seal providing a better protection to the content. The jar is available in two formats: 30ml and 50 ml.

The refill is made of PP, thus facilitating its recycling. Just like the inner part which can be customized to enhance the brand’s DNA.

Rechargeable lipsticks

If several launches of lipsticks are currently animating the market, many brands admit to be looking for refillable solutions.

Addressing this trend Toly has recently unveiled a new packaging solution allowing to remove easily the refill from the aluminium case with a simple click. The aluminium external pack can be reused with another product. It can have a round or square shape and a wide range of decorations is available to provide luxury features to the item.

Recycled materials

Toly’s commitment towards sustainability is also illustrated by its offer of recycled or recyclable or renewable materials. The company recently presented a range of small containers with dip tubes made of post-consumer (PCR) PET. These bottles, which are suitable for all skin care formulations, are available in four sizes (75, 50, 30 and 15 ml) and can be decorated to meet the different needs of brands.