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Red Of View: “Small is beautiful”

The young firm specialized in the design and production of cosmetic formulations for the make-up industry, epitomizes the dynamism of the Italian industry in this area. A team, an idea, a will ... and off they go! For Caterina Bondioli and her family the adventure began in 2007. Since then, Red Of View (8 persons, EUR 1.3 million in turnover expected this year) keeps asserting itself as a supplier to be reckoned with. Background...

Caterina Bondioli

Caterina Bondioli

Premium Beauty News - You have just decided to come out into the open?

Caterina Bondioli - You can say it that way, yes... We attended our first show this year by exhibiting at Cosmoprof Bologna and we plan to increase our presence in trade shows next year. The reason for this is simple. Our know-how is now sufficiently recognized and our customer base strong enough for us to offer our creative and production capacity to other actors in the make-up market. We have activities in every segment, mascaras, foundations, lipsticks, lipgloss...

Premium Beauty News - You presented a few weeks ago a whole new range of products.

Caterina Bondioli - We can start with our cleansing oil Soft Tidy, a blend of natural oils, rich in botanical actives, and natural derived esters. It preserves the delicate skin balance providing a thin barrier while removing make up and impurities. It is enriched by desert date oil (rich in linoleic and oleic fatty acid, omega-3 and omega-9 with moisturizing and emollient properties, and also in saponins that confer an anti-inflammatory activity), derived from first cold pressing of the kernel of the Desert Date.

We can also talk about our lipstick Satli’, which moves toward a satin soft reflection offering high coverage and long lasting performances. Actually, the use of selected pigments which are particularly adhesive thanks to their coating treatment, and the soft film formed by a special resin, permit a longer stay-on on your lips compare to a classic formula. The addition of a special derived amino acids emollient balances the richness of powders to avoid a dry skin feeling. This emollient is derived from glutamic acid, natural fatty acid, and phytosterol. It forms lamella liquid crystals identical to ceramide working as an intercellular lipids as well as having high water holding capacity. Because of its high skin affinity, it starts to moisture as soon as it is applied.

As for our blush, Cheek & Chic, it is our offer for a natural and healthy glow: a creamy blush presented in a poured form. Easy to blend, it imparts a silky shade with a weightless finish. The formula contains a balanced mixture of esters with emollient properties and a pleasant after skin feel. A sophisticated microsphere powder runs on to the skin making it extremely easy to apply. The elastomer powder provides a matte appearance as well as cushioning effect.

Premium Beauty News - Your know-how in the manufacturing of foundation is important.

Caterina Bondioli - With the foundation Elaskin Photolite, we have created a simple and sophisticated foundation. Its outstanding properties come from a compound, a Photochromatic Titanium Dioxide, which can change the skin tone according to the intensity of UV light. The colour of the compound becomes darker upon UV light irradiation restoring its original colour intensity without irradiation. It can change the skin complexion according to the light intensity avoiding an over whitish effect when outdoors (while indoors, your skin tone is perfect). An hydrolyzed elastin solution enriches the formula with regenerating and moisturizing properties. Soft and lubricious boron nitride, in a water soluble version, gives a smooth and seductive touch. It’s a new formula to brighten your face.

Premium Beauty News - Not to mention mascara...

Caterina Bondioli - The mascara Sericil is an extremely soft and creamy mascara which intensifies lash volume creating deeper-looking lashes. It glides on easily making lashes more eye catching, luxurious and healthier. It is formulated with sericin, which was transformed by ionic reticulation into a cationic form, promoting a conditioning effect on lashes. Sericin strongly binds to lashes, acting as an adhesive, which cements the damaged cuticles for a darker and radiant look.

Interview by Jean-Yves Bourgeois

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