After having launched her first children’s collection at the beginning of this year, Rebecca Minkoff is turning to perfume with a signature fragrance inspired by the brand’s style. The American designer’s eponymous eau de parfum is expected to become available very soon at the Rebecca Minkoff e-shop, according to her social media posts.

A glimpse of the bottle on the e-shop homepage is accompanied by a statement from the designer: "It’s official, my first fragrance is on its way. A year in the making but a scent you want for your lifetime. I am proud to announce my first scent."

Created in collaboration with prestige beauty company The Premiere Group, the perfume is made of sustainable ingredients and uses sustainable packaging,. It is also vegan and gluten-free and contains notes of bergamot, cardamom, jasmine and tobacco. Some of the bottles are refillable.

These scents evoke Rebecca Minkoff’s leather accessories but are more accessible, as they sell for between 30 and 95 dollars (around 25 and 80 euros) according to size.

It is possible to join the waiting list at the Rebecca Minkoff e-shop.