Twenty years ago, Argireline® peptide wowed the skincare industry when it debuted as the first peptide to reduce expression wrinkles. Since then, millions of people have relied on formulations made with Argireline® to combat the early signs of aging, and have reaped the many benefits of this safe, topical alternative to invasive and expensive cosmetic procedures.

But things have changed over the last two decades and consumer preferences have shifted substantially. Today, it is a must have to streamline skincare and cut down on waste: Time wasted on complicated beauty routines, money wasted on excessive product purchases and natural resources wasted on superfluous manufacturing and packaging. In a busy and overcrowded world, the time has come for multitasking and environment-friendly ingredients to simplify routines and reduce our negative impact over the planet.

Lubrizol Life Science - Beauty (LLS Beauty) has introduced a new Argireline®, with amplified properties and greener than ever. Its name is Argireline® Amplified peptide, and it seems that it enters the skin care market to shake it up again.

Argireline® Amplified peptide is a multi-functional hexapeptide with an intense anti-aging power that visibly transforms tired, dull, aging skin into a more healthy, glowing and youthful complexion. It is the first product on the market to focus on muscle relaxation - it causes faster relaxation in young and aged muscle, helping to recover the skin appearance after facial expressions.

Tests performed on Argireline® Amplified peptide have shown its efficacy in delaying and reversing the effects of aging in all skin layers. In vivo, skin that looked 5 years younger was observed after only 5 days of treatment with 5% ingredient.

In addition to an improved anti-wrinkle effect, this amazing all-in-one peptide has shown these multiple benefits:

- Improved skin surface roughness
- Fine lines minimized
- Better skin isotropy
- More radiant skin
- Lower skin fatigue
- Improved firmness and elasticity
- Increased volume
- Lifting effect

Following LLS’s philosophy to produce cleaner and safer ingredients, Argireline® Amplified peptide has been designed and produced according to the principles of green chemistry and 99.5% of the content is of natural origin. In addition, by performing multiple functions, it reduces the need for more products, which saves energy and waste thus minimizing the environmental footprint.

New horizons have been reached in skin care.