Premium Beauty News - What are your methods for projecting the trends forecasting the future of Beauty?

Leïla Rochet - First, we position ourselves as translators of the major trends that will impact the Beauty of tomorrow, both in terms of representations and archetypes, but also behaviors. Our vision relies on a Prospective Intelligence Method based on a thorough analysis of the market (articles, studies, magazines, online media, social media and Fashion Week), field visits and product analysis (deciphering product innovations and storytelling). Our reports are enriched with insights from studies, on top of the forecasting chapters, to help rethink your strategies and innovations.

Sarah Schnebert - Our inspirations arise from various sources, from lyrics to the latest indie albums, to captions from Instagram accounts. That’s what we love about semantics: by nature, words are an ever-changing force of society. Every generation reinvents words every day, a phenomenon that has accelerated in our digitalized life. All the modern wording we highlight or we reinvent in our reports are inspired by these insights.

Stéphanie Muit - From disruptive looks to innovative fabrics, we are deeply inspired by Fashion and what’s happening on social media, especially in makeup. In 2020, “self platform” like TikTok, Depop or Animal Crossing have revolutionized fashion consumption and influence. The same goes for the new “see now, buy now” trend, the gathering of both genders on the runways as well as the “phygital“ Fashion Weeks. All these trends have challenged traditional norms, rhythm and seasonality of the Fashion industry that will impact beauty.

Premium Beauty News - What do you mean by “(Re)Awakening” ?

Leïla Rochet - When future reblossoms, the world will awake with new opportunities. We invite brands to stay “awake” and “aware” of everything that surrounds us and prepare for the new future. Today’s unrivaled situation reshaped collective consciousness, forced consumers to reconsider their priorities, and shuffled their relation to beauty. Consumers are well informed and very aware of modern issues and will be increasingly demanding. They will look for brands with values and act with compassion during these difficult times. In our trend, Health (Re)Boot, we explore health as a new marker of Luxury and Beauty. Looking “healthy” was already key – and more important than looking young, in a 2018 survey by Philips, and this will accelerate with new territories of healthiness. We’ve moved from well-being to being truly well. The COVID-19 reminded us how vulnerable we are, how fundamental our skin is, as an emotional, intimate layer, but also as protective armor.

Sarah Schnebert - For (Re)Awakening, the word “awake” is a direct reference to the post-woke world. Since the 2010’s, the concept of “wokeness” has been so fundamental in the US, liberating but also culturally reshaping, in terms of feminism, inclusivity, LGBTQUA+ justice etc. It is truly a paradigm shift. American society is now adamant, uncompromising, especially when it comes to semantics faux-pas. We’ve moved on from ”influence” to “relevance”, and this is game-changing in terms of communication.

Stéphanie Muit - The idea of (Re)Awakening is about rethinking values, priorities, how to be in sync with our identity, with the world. To be sustainable, brands need to meet these new demands and new consumer needs. In the era of Cancel Culture, they will be constantly challenged to question themselves, to better themselves.

Premium Beauty News - What does this mean for brands tomorrow ?

Leïla Rochet - As consumers are incredibly demanding, brands need to be ready to be called out, to face backlashes whenever they speak out. There have been a few examples unfortunately. In the (Re)Awakening era, they are being judged on their empathy and on their civic-minded attitude. We analyzed how US brands behaved during lockdown, from their call for solidarity to the way they acted. Some have embraced the role of “care-takers”. The future of Beauty will lie in the hands of creativite drivers. For consumers, aspirational “superficial” perfection is out, they wish to portray the best version of their individuality, staying truthful and authentic, while cultivating and celebrating differences. This is even more significant in makeup, which has always been a tool for freedom and creativity.On Instagram and TikTok, makeup was used as a hedonistic force, fueling new aesthetics, with a surrealistic touch. By supporting this new freedom wave, and allowing consumers to express themselves, Beauty brands will generate intimacy and engagement.

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