Laboratoires Eriger has given Rahn exclusive distribution responsibility for the United States, United Kingdom, Ireland and Germany.

The French start-up, which was founded in March 2019 to develop a new encapsulation technology based on an outstanding knowledge in the field of vectorization. Dubbed PhytoVec®, this technology leverages the capabilities of chlorophyll to vectorize a large spectrum of active molecules at high concentration by encapsulation in water. It guarantees stability and long-term protection of sensitive active molecules such as vitamins and polyphenols. The PhytoVec® format provides protection against UV and oxidation that is far superior to that of liposomes.

“The PhytoVec vectorization has proven its performance on many active ingredients, including the powerful yet challenging Vitamin A,” said Rahn in a statement.

Based on this technology, Laboratoires Eriger offers a range of standard products as well as tailor-made solutions with cosmetic brands and active ingredient manufacturers.

Laboratoires Eriger scooped a Cosmetic Award in the Raw Materials category, at the last Cosmetic 360 show, for their vectorization technology.