Of course, there are unavoidable matters like going to the supermarket, assisting to meetings, picking up the kids, but there is no excuse to reject interesting plans, even if they take away hours of rest. The only problem is that the natural rhythms of the body cannot adapt to this accelerated pace, which doesn’t allow to have sufficient or restorative sleep. Skin dryness, dullness and early aging signs, among others, are problems related to this active lifestyle.

Skin complexion varies through different moments of the day due to the biological rhythms and tends to present lower barrier function, water content and cutaneous microcirculation in the early morning compared to noontime. These biological processes are regulated down to the level of each individual cell, which has a precise molecular machinery that consists of clock genes. JARID1a protein acts on clock genes as a molecular switch that turns on the cell every morning, activating its physiologic functions.

With the aim to wake up the cells of the skin, Lipotec™ Active Ingredients has developed DAWNERGY™ peptide, which increases JARID1a and clock gene levels, enhancing early morning functions of the skin as if it was noontime. It also provides an energizing effect on skin cells and has evident anti-fatigue effects even after a night out, as clinically demonstrated.
A unique in vivo study was performed on female volunteers that applied a cream containing a dose equivalent to 1% peptide solution once a day in the morning for 7 days. After a dinner and a party on day 7 and sleeping only 4 hours at night, a 16.9% decrease in volume of bags under the eyes as well as a 7.0% increase in the cutaneous blood flow were observed, suggesting an anti-fatigue effect despite little rest.

Another clinical test was carried to evaluate the skin radiance and anti-aging effect of the peptide. After 28 days of active treatment, macrophotographs of the face were acquired with a high-resolution camera, and images were processed with the Luminosity software, which allows to visualize the range of luminosity values in a color map. The luminosity parameter increased after treatment, showing a glowing radiant complexion.

In addition, to determine variations in wrinkles, macrophotographs were taken before and after the treatment. A decrease of 15.4% in the coefficient of visibility of wrinkles in the crow’s feet was observed after 28 days, suggesting a rejuvenated skin appearance.

Lipotec™ Active Ingredients’ DAWNERGY™ peptide activates the cellular alarm clock to help the skin wake up earlier, visibly improving the skin complexion through its revitalizing and anti-aging activities. It can be incorporated into formulations aiming to improve skin appearance in the morning or any time of the day by reducing signs of fatigue and providing a revitalizing treatment and can be widely used in all kinds of formulations to improve the appearance of aging signs and to awaken the radiance of the complexion.