Familiar with bold designs, Carolina Herrera (Puig Group) once again explores the use of iconic consumer objects as fragrance bottles. Thus, the brand’s new men’s fragrance, 212 Men Heroes, is shaped in a striking skateboard design.

Built on a vegan fragrance certified by Eve (Expertise Vegan Europe), 212 Men Heroes federates around it a “community of Heroes”, composed of 14 ambassadors, a crew of talented artists from KJ Apa to Inya Moore, Taylor Hill and Jorge Lépez.

Technical challenge

The addition of the skateboard elements on the glass bottle (Bormioli luigi and Verescence) was a real technical challenge. The making and assembling of a spray cap and an ornamental plate with a unique shape required to gather Qualipac’s expertise in stamping, anodizing, injection and galvanization. Qualipac is the pole of expertise in plastic injection, assembly of multi-component parts of the Pochet Group.

The first technical feat is the ornamental plate. This silver anodized plate imitates with detail the silhouette of a skateboard. The embossed-plate reveals the name of the perfume.

The multi-component spray cap is injected and automatically assembled.

Finally, the colour match between the silver anodization of the plate and the chrome
galvanization of the spray cap brings unity to the product.

"Qualipac was able to overcome the many technical challenges involved in the shape of the skateboard: from the stamping of the plate to the automatic crimping and the surface treatment, not to mention the complex realization of the spray cap," stresses Ramon Ferró, Carolina Herrera Lifestyle Brands Packaging Director at Puig.

Carolina Herrera - 212 Men Heroes

Spray cap and plate: Tesem and Qualipac
Pump: Silgan
Wheels: PTJosa and Plastin
Gluing: Issco and ICA
Glass Bottle: Bormioli luigi and Verescence