Cristal Renew is a new sustainable resin made of 50% recycled content via mass balance allocation. According to Eastman, the material is indistinguishable from their heritage copolysters and allows using high levels of recycled content, without compromising the performance, colour and quality that have made Cristal the standard for cosmetic packaging.

Use of landfill-bound waste

Cristal Renew therefore uses landfill-bound waste to create new high end luxury packaging for cosmetic brands, thus participating in the circular economy and reducing the quantity of greenhouse gas emissions per unit.

According to the US-based provider of specialty materials, the new resin does not need retooling or requalification, making this an easy switch for manufacturers.

Eastman Cristal Renew is available for all standard or customised Qualiform...

Eastman Cristal Renew is available for all standard or customised Qualiform PET and PETG bottles

The recycled content is certified [1] and Cristal Renew complies with all regulatory requirements, adds Eastman.

A growing portfolio

Cristal Renew is part of a broad portfolio of sustainable resins now available to the cosmetics market.

Earlier the year, for instance, Eastman launched Tritan Renew, a new grade of its leading copolyster. According to Eastman it also offers the same durability, performance and safety of original Tritan but now with up to 50% recycled content derived from waste plastic.