With the purpose to enhance the creativity of its teams and to stimulate dialogue with customers, the packaging supplier’s new roadmap is based on four major consumer themes. Themes and not trends!

Trends imply a start and stop, whereas themes are a more organic evolution that research shows better represents today’s sophisticated consumer landscape,” says Katie Hoddinott, Head of Design at Quadpack’s Design & Advanced Technologies department.

In order to make the four themes less abstract and easier to relate to the brand’s consumers, each of them was associated to personalities:


Oracle addresses the desire for sensorial experiences. Packaging that is tactile and scented, made of wood, glass and crystal, and has a deeper meaning. Oracle carries a touch of new-age mystique and takes inspiration from wellness and traditional cures.


Quadpack’s desire for a more sustainable world is addressed in the 3Rs theme. Consumers are searching for brands that help them make more ethical, greener choices with packaging that can be Reduced, Re-used and Recycled.


Shopping on your smartphone is the new normal. The Phygital theme responds to this brave new world with intelligent packaging concepts that are digital, connected, 3D printed and blur the lines between reality and AR.

All About Me

Gender fluidity, the ‘me generation’, customisation; the All About Me theme is all about this new hyper-individualism and a playful outlook on life. It speaks to people who want to break the rules and want beauty on their own unique terms.

The Georgina case

Georgina is one of the personalities who embody these themes:

I love fashion, and dress to express my moods and feelings. I am very free-spirited; so, don’t try to dictate to me! Searching for a deeper meaning is second nature, and I like my make-up and skin products to ‘speak’ to me in unexpected ways with a fun gesture or fragrance. I get a real kick out of products that are as spontaneous as I am, but I also appreciate things that are simple and unpretentious. My friends and I are always talking about great things we find on social media, especially Instagram. Anything that expresses the way I feel I share with them. They are my tribe.

To meet Georgina’s expectations, Quadpack suggests the Turia jar from their Q-Line catalogue. This compact 10ml jar is a ready-made solution for lip balms, solid fragrances and travel formats. Versatile, easily decorated, the Turia jar is ready to go with just about anything. Just like the personality it was associated with.