The Barcelona-headquartered beauty packaging manufacturer and provider is launching a new generation of its proprietary Panstick packaging in a more sustainable format.

100% PP and refillable

Designed to address the needs of eco-driven brands in sustainable materials for their makeup, fragrance and skincare packaging, Quadpack’s new Infinite PP Panstick is fully made in PP, a recyclable material, and now available in refillable format.

Launched in October 2022, this eco-designed evolution of the original plastic Panstick offers new environmental benefits. According to Quadpack, a Lifecycle Assessment of the product showed that the Infinite PP Panstick has a carbon footprint 43% lower than the original version, and that its circularity index has tripled [1].

In addition, the evolution to a monomaterial and refillable pack made the product move up from Minimal to Advanced Level of Sustainability on Quadpack’s PIP (Positive Impact Packaging) rating.

Solidification trend

The new packaging solution addresses the solidification trend in the cosmetics industry, where brands tend to reduce or eliminate water from their formulas, adopting sticks as alternative formats and encouraging different gestures and applications.

Thus, Quadpack’s new Infinite PP Panstick can be used for various formulas in solid formats, such as foundations, highlighters, sunscreen, serums and solid fragrances. Thanks to a practical snap-on system, the it can be easily refilled, with top and bottom refilling possibilities.

The product is available in cup size 18.2mm (10g and 4.5g) and 21.3 mm (15g), with several in-house decoration options available.